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Lucille (TWD)



I never liked zombie movies. Untill…

Few years ago, some spinal issues got me stuck in bed. Due to a failed health system, this lasted almost a year. The pain was more atrocious as days went by, and the painkillers had already become useless. The only things that alleviate my pain were the movies.

After repeatedly refusing my hubby’s recommendation to see TWD, he finally said to me: Listen, it’s not about zombies, it’s about what people become in a zombie apocalypse.

And I watched the first episode. The last seconds of the first episode made me exclaim “I have to see what’s next! NOW!”

And so TWD became my daily painkiller.

Even now, after seeing it several times, the adrenaline is still there, I feel the same urge to watch the next episode.

A year and couple of surgeries later, I knew my first project would be TWD related. A tribute to my saviors (ha ha, pun intended).

“This is Lucille. And she’s awesome!”

(Inspired by Lucille, Negan’s famous bat)


Material: 100% Premium Wool

Color: Rust

Crown: Teardrop, 11 cm

Brim: 8 cm

Hatband: Leather Barbed Wire (handmade)

Sweatband: Leather