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The Journalist



Breaking news! Statistics show that only 2 out of 8 people read past the headlines!

In these modern times, headlines glide across the bottom of our TV screens, cover the front pages of newspapers, run across the computer screens and fill our social media news feeds.

Nonetheless, almost no one gets past the headlines anymore, no one seems to have the time to read a whole story… jumping to conclusions, feeling oh-so educated.

But the purpose of a written story is to be read. It’s the details and facts in the story that actually educate us.

And this, I believe, is one of the greatest sins of education – reading just a headline, considering us enlightened, then moving on with our lives, spreading that crumbled truth we got in those five or six flashy words.


Material: 100% Premium Wool

Color: Fossil

Crown: Teardrop, 13.5 cm

Brim: 8.5 cm

Hatband: –

Sweatband: Leather